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The weather encountered along this region of the Pacific Northwest is quite changeable and generally WET!!! In all honesty come prepared for rain and fairly cool weather.... especially during late Fall, Winter and Early Spring booking dates. Of course, we do have our share of clear, sunny days.... but, as a rule, don't bank on it!

Prepare yourself for possible bouts with precipitation by bringing HIGH QUALITY FULL- LENGTH (HOODED!) WATERPROOF RAINGEAR AND A PAIR OF WATERPROOF SHOES OR BOOTS!!!! Do not forget the raingear. Cheap raingear will usually rip apart at the seams before long or do a poor job of keeping you dry, making you one miserable, soggy sailor.... so, don't chintz on your purchase!!!

Remember to dress warmly for our day on the river by selecting a toasty winter coat, sweats, long underwear and thick wool socks. It never hurts to overdress too warmly. You can always peel off a layer of winter clothing if it gets warm out.

As a reminder, Jack's Guide Service supplies all bait, tackle rods, reels and lures necessary for your day on the river. I fully recommend you bring along your camera/video unit and binoculars as we have a good chance of sighting Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Wild Turkeys, Hawks, Blacktail Deer and even the occasional Black Bear!


Suggested gear for trout fly fishing trips and overnight expeditions

For overnight trout flyfishing expeditions I provide all of the necessary gear required to put up a comfortable all-weather campsite. This includes tents, cots, lanterns, coolers, stoves, cookware and utensils,etc. Clients must provide their own sleeping bags, rain gear, waders and other personal effects.

For the mountain men and self-styled pioneers amongst us, I offer 'do it yourself ' style overnight expeditions in which my clients provide ALL their own camping gear, as well as cook their own meals. Prices can be significantly less for this uncatered fishing package. Please give me a call and we can work out a deal where everybody comes away as a happy camper!!!!

Generally, I find that most (not all) flyfishermen prefer to use their own rods and reels. That's absolutely fine with me. However, I provide 'G Loomis' GL2 rods and Orvis Battenkill reels for anglers that need to be outfitted. Please feel free to contact me in order to determine which specific rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets and flies will be necessary to make your trip as successful and rewarding as possible.

On overnight and multiple day trout expeditions the menu will be selected and determined upon your personal tastes and preferences well in advance of the booking date. I firmly believe in personalizing the meals in order to make the overall fishing/camping experience satisfying and memorable for all involved.