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Q: Where do we meet?

A: I generally meet my clients at their respective hotels at a set time early in the morning. Sometimes I meet up with them at a restaurant for breakfast prior to our scheduled trip.The arrangements to rendezvous are set up a day or two in advance of the trip date. I always recommend that my guests contact me when they arrive in the region. It is very important that we stay in touch with each other as our fishing date comes close at hand!


Q: How do I get a fishing license?

A: California fishing licenses are available at any tackle shop. Rite Aid carries them in Crescent City. California licenses can also be purchased at Ship Ashore Resort, Smith River, California, at the front desk in the main office. A California temporary license costs about $22 for a two day minimum.

Oregon temporary fishing licenses can be purchased at any tackle shop, Rite Aid or Fred Meyer in Brookings. An Oregon temporary license costs about $17 per day. In some instances, I will gladly go ahead and purchase licenses for my guests... as they may be arriving after hours when all the stores are closed.


Q: What kind of rods will I need?

A: I SUPPLY ALL NECESSARY BAIT, TACKLE AND LURES!!!!!! I use top of the line equipment which is in good working order. If my guests prefer to use their own tackle, I strongly suggest that it is well suited for the specific fishery at hand and in excellent working order.


Q: When do I send in my deposit?

A: All deposits must be mailed to Jack's Guide Service a minimum of two weeks prior to the arranged date of any fishing trip. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to to get your deposit sent off immediately after fishing appointments have been negotiated. This will assure guests of a reliable reservation for the targeted date of their trip.


Q: How long will we be fishing?

A: Generally speaking, a fishing trip begins quite early in the morning. I meet my clients just before daylight. I always try to get the boat/s launched during the first light of day. This gives us a much better chance of catching undisturbed fish. Anglers can expect to be in the boat for an eight hour day.... sometimes a bit longer.... sometimes a bit shorter. It just depends on how the fishing pans out. There are times when we 'limit out' rather fast.... and there are times when we may have to grind it out in order to put a good effort in during tougher conditions when the fish aren't as willing to bite.


Q: Can I bring my son or daughter with me?

A: Of course you can bring your children on a fishing trip. I am great with kids. However, I do charge full price for them because they will be fishing alongside of you! I have been fishing with children a long time and I strongly suggest that your child should be interested in fishing and has a strong sense of patience/ maturity/ understanding. If your child wants off of the river in the middle of the trip... I still charge for all involved on the original booking. Unfortunately, I have to draw a hard line here due to past experiences with young anglers! Most of the time, all the energy and attention is focused on teaching a child the basics of fishing. Short attention spans and boredom have put a damper on quite a few parents fishing trips. It is truly awesome when your kids catch big fish! In all, this is a personal call on the parents behalf.


Q: What if we want to keep a few fish?

A: I have absolutely no problem retaining a legal limit of fish for my guests. I strictly adhere to all fish and game regulations, some of which require anglers to release 'wild' steelhead on the majority of rivers nowadays. Hatchery raised steelhead (planted fish) can be kept in many rivers throughout Northern California and Oregon. As a part of my job duties I will gladly clean and/or fillet your catch for the day. I also supply ziplock bags to store the fillets in.


Q: Will I need waders?

A: Waders aren't necessary at all for the duration of your fishing trip. However, I STRONGLY advise my guests to bring along High Quality full length raingear and waterproof shoes or boots to make getting in and out of the boat easier. In almost all instances, I can put my anglers into good fishing holes by using the accessibility of the boat instead of wading. Waders do come in handy for 'bank' fishing. Most experienced anglers generally own a set of waders, but I don't really think that you have to run off and buy a pair in order to go fishing with me! We can get the job done from the comfort and safety of the boat!


Q: Will meals be provided for us on the boat?

A: As a rule, I do not pack lunches for my clients. Fortunately for my fishing friends, there are several restaurants that serve up decent sized 'sack lunches' for around $8. There is enough room in the boat for my people to bring along a small icechest loaded with their lunches/goodies in it. Sack lunches can be ordered and arranged in advance and picked up early prior to the fishing day.